Get the entity type change log

API for fetching entity type change log.

Header/Path/Query ParameterDescriptionTypeRequiredㅤNote
X-COREOS-REQUEST-ID(header)Unique request IDstringRequired
X-COREOS-TID(header)Tenant IDstringRequired
X-COREOS-AUTH(header)Core-os authentication tokenstringOptional
X-COREOS-ACCESS(header)Core-os access tokenstringOptional
EntityTypePluralName(path)Plural Name of entity type.stringRequired
from(query)Start time of the change log in UNIX epoch format.integer($int64)Required
Time duration(query)The number of days for which change log is to be returned.integerOptionalDefault value: 1
limit(query)The number of items to return.integerOptionalDefault value: 50
offset(query)The number of items to skip from the start.integerOptionalDefault value: 0
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