Vehicle Lifecycle

The Vehicle Lifecycle defines the states that a Vehicle can be in from when it is acquired to when it is retired.

A Vehicle has the following five lifecycle states:

  • Onboarding: The Vehicle data is being entered and/or verified.
  • Active:
    • Available: The Vehicle is operational and is available for use.
    • In-use: The Vehicle is operational and is already being assigned a task.
    • Unavailable: The Vehicle is operational but not available for use (to be used after repair, maintenance, etc. downtime).
  • Inactive: The Vehicle is not operational.

To retrieve the current state of a Vehicle, call the Get Vehicle State endpoint.

To change the state of a Vehicle, call the Transition Vehicle State endpoint and pass the following parameters in the request body:

toStateOne of the valid state codes: onboarding, active, deboarding, or inactive.
reasonCode (optional)A valid reason code associated with the event.
data (optional)Any additional information about the transition.

Request bodies are specified in JSON format. The following example request body shows how to change the state of the Vehicle:

  "toState": "active:available",
  "reasonCode": "R-104",
  "data": {}