Vehicle Category Template

The Vehicle Attributes defined in the preceding section are largely consistent (and dependent on) across all Vehicles of the same category/subcategory. These attributes determine the actions/tasks that a Vehicle of a specific Category can perform.

Vehicle templates define the default set of attributes and capabilities for a given vehicle category - subcategory combination. Every time a new Vehicle Category or Subcategory is created, the user will be able to define default values which will get auto-populated against every individual vehicle that gets created under this new Category or Subcategory.

To create a Vehicle Type Template, you need to create a Category using the POST /{resourceName}/categories endpoint. Specify the following parameters in the request body:





Name of the category to be created.

Character length: 1-32

subCategory (optional)

List of sub-categories to be created.

The following example request body shows how to create a category named Two-wheeler:

  "name": "Two-wheeler",
  "subCategory": [

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