Vehicle Attributes

The Attributes are the specifications that determine the tasks a Vehicle can perform. The following Attributes are unique to defining a transportation medium:

AttributeDescriptionData type
vehicleNameThe name of the participant Vehicle.
Character length: Min- 1 & Max- 64
vehicleCodeThe participant ID of the participant type as specified in allowedOwners during the creation of the said type.
Character length: Min- 1 & Max- 64
vehicleCategoryCategory of the Vehicle. Default: Truck, 2W, Car.string
vehicleSubCategorySub-category of the Vehicle. Default: 2W - Motorcycle/Scooter/E-bike, Van, Truck - 19 ft/24 ft/32 ftstring
vehicleModeThe mode of the Vehicle.
Default: Land, Air, Sea -- derived from Vehicle category.
fuelTypeThe fuel type of the Vehicle.
Default: Petrol/Gasoline, Diesel, Electric, CNG, Manual/Hand-powered -- derived from Vehicle category.
vehicleStructureThe structure of the Vehicle.
Default: Single-unit, Multi-unit/Tractor, Multi-unit/Trailer– derived from Vehicle category.
cargoArea (optional)Cargo area of the Vehicle.number
payloadCapacity (optional)Payload capacity of the Vehicle.number
regnNo (optional)Registration number of the Vehicle.string
regnYear (optional)Registration year of the Vehicle.number
availability (optional)The availability of the Vehicle according to days, dates, time, etc.object
vehicleOwnership (optional)The owner of the Vehicle among self, seller, and partner.string
operatorIdOperator ID of the Vehicle.string
ownerDetails (optional)Details of the Vehicle owner if the Vehicle is sourced via an intermediary like a broker.object
serviceability (optional)Geographic area of service (cities, pincodes, map polygons)object
reportingCenter (optional)Reporting Center of the Vehicle (participant ID of reporting facility).string