Service/API Level Error Codes

Why use Service/API Level Error Codes?

The service/API level error codes describe a specific error, enabling the developers to troubleshoot the API errors faster.

How are the Error Codes Organized?

A service level error code is a 12-digit error code formed by combining three different codes: Service Codes, Method Code, and Unique Error Codes, respectively. For example, an error code for the Container service would start with “1009” followed by another set of four digits; such as “1005”, which shows the method level of the error while creating a Container, further followed by the last four digits - “1022”, that will identify the unique error code which in this case is State Machine API error. Thus, combining the 12 digits “100910051022” will give a specific error code that the developer can refer to while troubleshooting the Create Container API error under the Container service.

Check the below-given table to get the details of different Service/API level errors.

API/ServiceError Code Starts WithDownload Link for Error Code Files