How to: Update a Property

For information about prerequisites, see Integrate with Facilities.

The Update Property call has the same required request body members as a Create Property call and replaces the resource at the server.

To update information associated with a Property, call the Update Property endpoint. Use the Property ID in the propertyId path parameter and pass a request body similar to the following:

  "propertyName": "Example Property",
  "propertyCode": "REGNO:985634",
  "propertyOwnerId": "RG Estate",
  "area": 120000,
  "location": {
   "address": {
      "buildingNumber": "189",
      "addressLine1": "9th Cross Road",
      "addressLine2": "Fairhope, AL 36532",
      "addressLine3": "Mount Vernon",
      "apartmentNumber": "A1",
      "floor": "F1",
      "zipCode": "32159",
      "city": "Henrico",
      "state": "VA",
      "country": {
        "code": "BMU",
        "name": "Bermuda"
    "geoLocation": {
      "lat": "45",
      "long": "90"