How to: Create a Facility

For information about prerequisites, see Integrate with Facilities.

To create your first Facility, call the Create Facility endpoint and pass a request similar to the following:

  "facilityName": "Example Facility",
  "facilityCode": "REGNO:92938343",
  "facilityOwnerId": "tenant:0e85e4d8-e9d5-4706-a33c-8ca013092e76",
  "facilityType": "PUD Center",
  "propertyId": "properties:0e85e4d8-e9d5-4706-a33c-8ca013092e76",
  "area": 75,
  "operatingHours": "10:00AM-11:30PM",
  "operatingDays": "Mon, Tue, Wed",
  "numberOfDocks": "3"

Note: propertyId is the ID of the property to which you want to map the facility you are creating.

To know more about the members used for creating a Facility, check out the Facility API documentation.