Facility Type Template

The Facility Attributes defined in the preceding section are consistent across all the Facilities of the same Type. For example, you have two Facility Types, i.e., a Warehouse and a Transit Hub. In this scenario, an Attribute called '# of storage tiers' will only be applicable for
'Warehouse' and not for 'Transit Hub'.

These Facility Attributes (system-defined and custom ones) describe the tasks a Facility of a specific Facility Type can perform. This, in turn, helps in determining the network orchestration of an order.

On the other hand, you might have a use case where certain Attributes are relevant to a selected Facility(s) of a Facility Type. Let's say, you have five Facilities (F1, F2,... F5) that belong to a specific Facility Type. Now, you want to add certain Attributes just for F2 and F5 and don't want these Attributes to be applicable for F1, F3, and F4. This use case can be implemented using the Facility Type Template API.

The Facility Type Template lets you define a default set of Attributes that can be enabled/disabled for a specific Facility of a Facility Type.

To create a Facility Type Template, you need to create a Category using the POST /{resourceName}/categories endpoint. Specify the following parameters in the request body:





Name of the category to be created.

Character length: 1-32

subCategory (optional)

List of sub-categories to be created.

The following example request body shows how to create a category named Pickup Center:

  "name": "Pickup center",
  "subCategory": [
    "Packing Area"

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