Console UI Overview

The Console provides an easy-to-use, lightweight interface that allows end Users of the OS1 Platform to access Apps and Solutions developed by multiple developers. The User Interface (UI) of the Console (also known as the Console UI) features an App launcher that consolidates authorized Apps and Solutions in a single view and a persistent header that allows them to navigate between each App. This provides a simplified and consistent experience as Users onboard and access their Apps. Using the Console UI micro-frontend, you can seamlessly integrate this experience with your application and eliminate the need for custom implementation of login, logout, and user navigation functionality.

For a quick start guide on integrating with the console, see Integrating with the Console.

Console UI Features

The Console provides a single sign-in where users are routed directly into their workspace from a URL that’s been created for their organization.


Console sign-in screen.

After sign-in, the Console provides a landing page that exposes the App Launch feature of the Console UI. Users are able to see all of their authorized Apps in a single view, grouped by solution.


Console UI App Launch that shows the apps to which the User has access.

From there, they are able to launch and navigate through each of their Apps. The Console’s header persists after the selected App opens. They can use the navigation menu accessible from the header to switch Apps. When the User switches Apps using the Console UI header, they don’t need to re-authenticate to access the new App.


Header with expanded side-menu

The Console UI micro-frontend also provides developers with the ability to customize the Console UI header by adding in drop down functionality. For information about choosing and populating the widget, see How to: Add a dropdown to the Console UI Header.


Example of drop down added to header

Integrating with the Console

To integrate an app with the console UI, you use the console UI micro-frontend. This is a web app that enables authentication + authorization, navigation features and deep linking.

For information on the steps necessary to integrate your App with the Console UI, see How to: Integrate your existing application with the Console UI micro-frontend. After following the steps in the guide, your App will be compatible with the Console UI and it will provide you with a feel of how the App will look as your end-users start using it.