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Why do I see an error when trying to update my [user's roles]( Using the in-browser API reference, I'm attempting to add a role. I have a valid access token and a real user id, but when I click 'try it' on the page, I see a 405 response: ``` "description": "PUT method not allowed", "additionalInfo": [ { "path": "/core/api/v1/aaa/users/<my-user-id>/roles", "message": "PUT method not allowed" } ``` If HTTP put is not allowed, can you specify the correct method in the documentation? Or maybe I'm making a mistake here? Thanks

Is Keycloak/AAA facing any outage?

Hey Team, I haven't been able to login through Phone and Email OTP through. service(Console UI) that is leveraging AAA. Can you please address this? Error text: error: server_error error_description: oops! something went wrong state: dTLRqXme-SgB7e-zAbZW_Wblx5914GA3HS6A1eu3JNI.fCwCVCzfYuI.Sy8h3SNFPjmpuihnZhhsh22iVGfoEtTr

Authentication with cas-sdk: What is the correct value for audience?

Using the [cas-sdk]( I configured the login. The login page correctly redirects back to my app but shows the error: `ERROR: Service not found: platform:Vehicle` However the audience specified in the directions of "how to use" section of the package specifies `'platform:Vehicle', // audience,` as the value. What is the correct value? Thanks