Login stopped working with AAA

Initially login was working by using AAA and we were able to create user as well with the help of aaa user api. Suddenly login stopped working and throwing an error "user not registered" and while creating user as well throwing 403 error code.

SDS Signature Generation

For generating SDS signature, when we say 'RSA private key which was generated by the App', which key exactly are we referring to? Client secret key or some other key? Also could you provide an example of an already generated signature for ease of understanding?

entity template API

When I register a template for a type of entity, then the template should have all the attributes of the type right? I had used this previously and it is how template APIs were behaving, but now when i am trying to create a template it gets created without the attributes of the type. Can you please get this checked?

Entity API || 403 Forbidden

Entity v2 APIs are giving response 403 Forbidden

Steps to deploy an app on OS1

Unable to find the steps to deploy code on the OS1 platform. Can you please refer the documentation to deploy front-end and back-end apps?

Error while applying event to an instance in State Machine Service

Please find below the details for which error is coming: baseURI: https://dlvindia.preprod.dlv2.fxtrt.io/ entityCode: 1009 instanceId: suppliers1:7f8c5517-a81d-5eec-9b73-a3a2f531d9db PUT Apply Event to Instance Response: { "error": { "code": "100130015000", "description": "Internal Server Error" }, "request": { "uri": "/core/api/v1/state-machine/1009/instance/suppliers1:7f8c5517-a81d-5eec-9b73-a3a2f531d9db/event", "method": "PUT", "body": { "eventCode": "E-063", "reasonCode": "R-1002", "timestamp": 1672826440, "data": { "id": 1 }, "source": { "appId": "app:02c7c7c8-eede-512f-b4f7-48c8b6297d90", "userId": "Dhyanil:dhyanil", "locId": "locId" } } } } GET Instance State Response after above Response: { "request": { "uri": "/core/api/v1/state-machine/1009/instance/suppliers1:7f8c5517-a81d-5eec-9b73-a3a2f531d9db", "method": "GET" } } State Machine Config: { "data": { "states": [ { "name": "pending", "defaultSubState": "pending", "subStates": [ { "name": "pending", "transitions": [ { "eventCode": "E-062", "destination": "active:approved" } ] } ] }, { "name": "active", "defaultSubState": "approved", "subStates": [ { "name": "approved", "transitions": [ { "eventCode": "E-063", "destination": "active:active" }, { "eventCode": "E-064", "destination": "disabled:disabled" } ] }, { "name": "active", "transitions": [ { "eventCode": "E-065", "destination": "active:approved" }, { "eventCode": "E-066", "destination": "disabled:disabled" } ] } ] }, { "name": "disabled", "defaultSubState": "disabled", "subStates": [ { "name": "disabled", "transitions": [ { "eventCode": "E-067", "destination": "pending:pending" } ] } ] } ], "terminalTTL": "300s", "callback": "null", "createdBy": { "id": "dhyanil", "name": "Dhyanil" }, "updatedBy": { "id": "dhyanil", "name": "Dhyanil" }, "id": "1009" }, "request": { "uri": "/core/api/v1/state-machine/config/1009", "method": "GET" } }

Not gettng data in GET API's of File Management System

Getting number of files present in the folder but not getting the list of files present. Same for folder's get api.

Define attributes inside JSON type attribute

I want to understand how can we create an attribute inside a JSON-type attribute. For example I want to create an attribute like this: "attr1": {"subattr2": "", "subattr2": ["", ""]}

Unable to integrate OS1 console

Getting this issue while integrating console UI. (Client not found) It is picking default parameters from console-ui-library only while redirecting to the keycloak URL. Also, I am unable to find any doc to refer where we need to add the client/tenant details in frontend(react) project like we are adding the details in .env file in backend.

Please provide tenant api collection for v2 version.

Please provide tenant api collection for v2 version.